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Tip: Help your colleagues, add your profile picture in Office 365

19 October 2020

If you need to work together online, it is pleasant to see who you are connectingwith. Adding your photo to your Office 365 identity helps your colleagues to recognise you and reduces the distance between you.

Who can see your profile picture?

If you add your photo in Office 365, this will be visible to all your Leiden University colleagues, in all Office 365 apps.

Some faculties and institutes use professional photos for the website. You might wish to use yours for your Office 365 profile. Note that you are not obliged to add your profile picture. 

How do you add your profile picture?

  • Choose a photo. This may be a .png, .jpg or .gif file.
  • Make sure the photo is no larger than 4MB.
  • Save the photo.
  • Open your webmail and log in with your user name and password.
  • Click at the top right on your profile image. (1). If you don’t already have a profile image, you will see a blank profile here. 
  • In the window that now appears (2), select Change.
Add profile picture in Office 365
  • Select Upload photo and navigate to where you saved your photo.
  • Select the photo and click on Open.
  • Next, click at the top right on Save to implement the change. 

The photo has now been saved, but it may take a while before the changes are visible.

More tips

For more tips about using Office 365 and Teams, go to the helpdesk portal and type Teams or Office 365 in the search field.

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