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LUC The Hague: A Message from the Dean

25 November 2020

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Ann Wilson’s College Project for a second time to answer some questions that the students had about recruitment, admissions, and financial support from an equity perspective. We discussed several ongoing initiatives and ideas for future actions, and it is great to see them working with so much dedication on issues that are crucial to a well-functioning and inclusive LUC!

Podcast Series

For my own course that I’m teaching at the Institute of Education and Child Studies, I made a podcast series in which I interview professionals with roots in the Global South who work in the broad realm of multicultural youth services and education in the Netherlands. The podcast series (in Dutch) is now online for those interested in intercultural aspects of education, parenting, and youth care.

Excuse me, what?

In another area of diversity and inclusion, Twitter recently exploded in response to an article published in Nature Communications that concluded that female scholars should not have female mentors because they are bad for their careers. Excuse me, what? Yes, really…  Turns out that the data were misused and misinterpreted, most likely due to the fact that the authors are not social scientists but data scientists who have no expertise in the interpretation of complex social phenomena. They basically saw a data set riddled with gender bias and ended up recommending more gender bias as a solution. My fellow Athena’s Angels and I wrote a piece about this scholarly disaster with links to various online criticism of this paper. Read it and weep…

Community Building Challenge

Meanwhile at LUC, several webinars for the first-year Community Building Challenge are offered this block, also about gender issues. Attendance has not been great so far (except for the first one on inclusive communication that was very well attended!), but luckily several students have offered to help me with the communication strategy for the webinars still to come. LUC is really doing its best to provide guidance about important topics to our students, hiring different external organizations for expert input, so it would be a shame if these investments do not translate into student engagement with these events. For more info: see Brightspace (and of course – as always – your inboxes;-)!

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