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New structure for Administration and Central Services and new ASSC expertise centre

24 November 2020

As of 1 January 2021, Administration and Central Services will have a new structure. From that date it will comprise five directorates and four staff departments. A new expertise centre will also be created, the ASSC (Administrative Shared Service Centre).

The Executive Board has reached this decision to ensure the department is better aligned with the University organisation. The Board believes this will facilitate integral decisionmaking and will improve collaboration within Administration and Central Services and with the faculties and expertise centres.

There will be two parts to the restructure:

  • The Administration and Central Services management team will have a new structure;
  • A new expertise centre (ASSC) will be created.

As of 1 January 2021, Administration and Central Services will consist of five directorates:

  • Strategic Communication and Marketing (SCM)
  • Strategy and Academic Affairs (SAZ)
  • Financial and Economic Affairs (FEZ)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Information Management (IM)

and four staff departments:

  • Audit and Internal Control (AIC)
  • Security
  • General Management and Legal Affairs (ABJZ)
  • Business Office

General Director and Secretary of the Executive Board, Carolien Metselaar, will be director of the management team of Administration and Central Services. She will be responsible for gaining consensus on and preparing integral policy pertaining to the decisions submitted to the Executive Board.

The four staff departments will be directly managed by Carolien Metselaar. These are AIC, Security, ABJZ and the Business Office.

New Administrative Shared Service Centre

The administrative, operational organisational units of the current Administration Directorate will be brought together in the new ASSC expertise centre. This will be run by a director who will be responsible for further professionalisation and digitalisation, with a focus on the services provided to faculties, expertise centres and Administration and Central Services. The following units will fall under the ASSC:

  • Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC)
  • Personnel Shared Service Centre (PSSC)
  • Documentary Information and Archiving (DIA)
  • Functional Application Management Department (FB)

This expertise centre will work for all the faculties, expertise centres and Administration and Central Services. The staff of Administration and Central Services have been informed by their managers of the new structure. The Executive Board spoke to the holders of the administration portfolio in the faculties and the directors of the expertise centres in the run-up to the decision. The employee council has issued a positive recommendation about this development.

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