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Human resources

Payment date: 23 November

22 November 2020

This month your salary will be deposited on Monday 23 November.

In 2021 your salary will be paid out on the following days:

  • Friday 22 January
  • Tuesday 23 February
  • Tuesday 23 March
  • Friday 23 April
  • Friday 21 May (incl. holiday allowance)
  • Wednesday 23 June
  • Friday 23 July
  • Monday 23 August
  • Thursday 23 September
  • Friday 22 October
  • Tuesday 23 November
  • Tuesday 21 December (incl. end-of-year bonus)

Payslip and annual statement

You can consult and download your payslip via Self Service. This also applies to your annual statement. If you are not on a University computer, please use Remote Workplace to login to Self Service.

Explanation payslip

In principle, the University does not issue paper payslips. To explain a number of terms and abbreviations, we have created a payslip example. This document also illustrates a number of variable elements such as the Individual Choices Model.

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