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Tip: Spotlight someone in a Teams meeting

17 November 2020

Are you the organizer or presenter of a meeting in Teams? Than you can choose anyone, including yourself, to be the main picture people see. As a teacher you can, for example, place yourself or one of your students in the spotlight for all participants.

The easiest way to do this is to right-click on a participant's video-image and then select the "Spotlight" option. When you're ready to end the spotlight, right-click again and choose Stop spotlighting.

Put a parcticipant in the spotlight

Alternatively, you can select Show participants to see a list of everyone in the meeting. Find the name of the person you want to highlight in the list, right-click on their name, and select Spotlight.

Put a parcticipant in the spotlight via the list of participants

Please note:

  • You won't be able to spotlight a video if your view is set to Large gallery or Together mode.

  • For now, you can only spotlight one participant at a time.

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