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Universiteitsraad bespreekt begroting, model-OER en meer

11 November 2020

The University Council is meeting on Monday 23 November at 15.00. On the agenda are the 2021-2024 budget and the second budget report for 2020. This will include the financial effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Other agenda items:

  • Changes to the Management and Administration Regulation relating to new ASSC expertise centre
  • Model Course and Examination Regulations (OER) 2021-2022
  • Regulations on student registration, tuition fees and examination fees 2021-2022
  • SZW Inspectorate on workload and discrimination

In the meeting the University Council will determine its provisional position on each item. It will then discuss this with the Executive Board in the consultation meeting on 7 December at 15.30.

See the agenda for the University Council meeting on 23 November 2020 (Dutch)

Attend the meeting

If you would like to attend the meeting online, please contact the registrar.

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