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Allowance for internet costs

15 December 2020

With effect from January 2021, all those who have an employment contract with Leiden University and who are having to work from home because of the coronavirus measures will receive an allowance towards the cost of internet use. The allowance is 25 euros net per month and will be paid with the monthly salary from January.

The allowance will not be paid to employees who regularly work on location and on-call workers employed by Jobmotion. This temporary allowance will be paid up to and including 31 August. During this period, the situation will be reviewed every three months to determine whether the allowance is still appropriate. Within the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands), discussions are being held regarding a possible regulation on this allowance that will reflect the ambition of more options for working from home after the coronavirus crisis.

The future: from partial lockdown to location-independent working

As an effect of the coronavirus crisis, we have had to work from home since mid-March. This has been made possible by rapid solutions, flexibility and improvisations.

The situation now calls for more structural solutions, and we will be introducing these in stages in the coming period. New agreements and regulations will make hybrid working a possibility: mainly at home and sometimes in the workplace, observing the one-and-a-half metres distance and interacting with colleagues who are working at home. Our ambition for the future is to give employees greater freedom to choose where they work: at home, hybrid or at the University. Next year, we will work out the details.

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