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Open consultation hour for assessment Research Master's in Archaeology by Visitation Committee

16 December 2020

On 5 February, a Visitation Committee will assess our research master's programme at the Faculty of Archaeology. The Visitation Committee advises the Dutch government on the quality of our programme. The Faculty has written a self-evaluation report, in which students also contributed a chapter (through the RMA-student members of the Education Committee and Faculty Council). The Visitation Committee will evaluate the programme with the Faculty Board, the Board of Examiners, staff and alumni. There will also be an interview with students from each year and/or specialisation (if applicable).

We look forward to this visit and are well prepared. The committee will base their judgment on the following standards:

  • Level and orientation of the programme;
  • Contents, structure and quality of the education;
  • Assessment and results of students (for instance, by reading theses);
  • Course materials and course evaluations.

Consultation hour with the visitation commission, 18 January, 10.30-11.00 hours

As part of the procedure, there will be an open consultation hour for which all staff and students are invited. This consultation hour is intended for sharing very serious concerns with the visitation commission.

If you would like to do so, you may contact Els Schröder, the secretary of the Visitation Committee before January 12: els@qanu.nl. Your participation is private, including what is shared in the conversation. Due to the corona measures, this consultation hour will be online. 

The Visitation Committee

The visitation is based on peer review of staff from other universities in the Netherlands and abroad. The members of this visitation will be:

  • Prof.dr. Kristoffel Demoen chair
  • Dr. Gerhard Anders 
  • Prof.dr. Thomas Meier
  • Em.prof.dr. John Haeley
  • Prof.dr. Helena Houvenaghel, assessment expert
  • Em.prof.dr. Jens-Uwe Hartmann
  • Yannick de Raaff, student member

In case you have any questions concerning the visitation and the assessment of our study programme, you may contact f.c.m.tomas@arch.leidenuniv.nl

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