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Update and new manuals for Kaltura Live Rooms

9 December 2020

Kaltura Live Rooms was updated on Sunday 13 December.

What's different in the new version?

  • The new version of Kaltura Live Rooms requires less of devices, which improves the stability of the program.
  • The image quality will change to a higher resolution.
  • The room can be closed off to outsiders. 
  • People can be removed from the meeting. 
  • The problem that the sound of the speaker was not always taken over during recording has also been solved with this update.  

What should I bear in mind? 

  • The web browser:
    Work with Kaltura Live Rooms in Google Chrome. For the time being there is only support for Chrome for both teachers and students. Support for the web browsers Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari is scheduled for the next update in January 2021. 
  • Default Room mode:
    Please note that the default Room mode has been set to Webinar mode in this update. Live Rooms that were previously set to Virtual Classroom mode have also been affected. Read more on how to change the Room mode setting on the Teaching Support site.
  • The invitation link to Kaltura Live room:
    • Do your students have access to the Live room via Brightspace, the video portal or the invitation link? Then you don't have to do anything.
    • Do you share the invitation link in a different way? This will no longer work. We therefore advise you to use one of the above methods. Read more in the 'invitation' chapter.

Manuals new version Kaltura Live Room

Would you like to get an impression of the changes? Then take a look at this short video of Kaltura:

Understanding the Kaltura Live Room Interface

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