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Administrative Shared Service Centre live

11 January 2021

If you have any questions about the processing or payment of an invoice or expense claim, personnel changes, requesting an employer’s statement or a query about your salary, please:

  • send a notification in the helpdesk portal via the new tiles for the ASSC,
  • or contact the ASSC Service Point by phone on 071 527 5555 on working days from 9.00-16.30 hrs.

The new Administrative Shared Service Centre (ASSC) is live as of 1 January 2021. With around 135 colleagues, the ASSC provides support to teaching, research and business operations. The ASSC is making a transition to an organisation that is client-centred, flexible, contemporary, predictable and reliable.

What does the ASSC do?

The ASSC is responsible for implementing the processes related to financial and personnel administration, managing the development of the University’s corporate systems, documentary information services and the archiving policy. The ASSC includes: 

  • Service Point (SP) 
  • Financial Shared Service Centre (FSSC) 
  • Personnel Shared Service Centre (PSSC) 
  • Functional Management (FB) 
  • Documentary Information Department and Archive Management (DIA) 

Organisational chart ASSC

Organisational chart ASSC
Organisational chart ASSC
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