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Apply for grants for innovative educational improvements

21 January 2021

If you have ideas for the innovation of education through tools or methods that you would like to implement, you can apply for a grant. These grants are awarded by the faculty and ECOLe (the Expert Centre for Online Learning (ECOLe). 

As of right now (January 2021), almost all teaching is offered online. Any innovative  teaching strategies should blend online and face-to-face education. Your idea for educational improvement should not only be useful during this period of online education, but also post-pandemic, when teaching  will again take place on campus.

The key points for this application round are:

  • Taking online (diagnostic) tests: for example,  creating online question banks, using audio or video recordings  as part of a test, or developing other methods of testing (e.g. group tests). 
  • New ways of using video: including the development of video quizzes, video assignments for students, or linking tests to existing knowledge clips. 
  • Using (online) active teaching methods: these may include online activating teaching methods for students at home as well as methods for on campus.
  • Collaborating on Open Access teaching materials: the idea is to provide a platform where it is easy to provide, find and use open access educational resources. Instructors can then post their own course materials or find course materials from colleagues that they can use in their teaching. 
  • Setting up a digital portfolio: with a digital portfolio, it is possible to keep track of (e.g. academic) skills of a student in different courses and over several years. 

Please consider the points outlined above when preparing your application. Applications can be submitted until 15 February 2021

For more information on the grants and how to apply, please refer to the application form.

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