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Moderation support available for lecturers

23 March 2021

For lecturers engaged in hybrid, blended or online education, moderators are available to help you during your online class. To request moderation support, fill out this form in the ISSC-helpdeskMake sure to send your request at least 14 days before your scheduled class.

What can moderators help with?

Your moderator will support two necessary functions:

  1. Basic tech support to yourself and your students. Moderators are trained in Kaltura Live Rooms and MS Teams and can assist with troubleshooting webcam or microphone problems, helping users find the right buttons to (for example) share screens or start or stop recording. 
  2. Welcoming your students into the room. Your moderator will join the room from the top of the hour, meaning they will be able to admit students into the room as they arrive, and will be able to provide welcome messages and community guidelines to all attendees.

What can’t moderators help with?

  1. Solve major technical issues, which need to be escalated to ISSC. Your moderator cannot help with internet connectivity issues or with platform stability issues.
  2. Act as a teaching assistant. Moderators join your call to make the online environment comfortable and safe for everyone. They cannot take on any teaching or learning responsibilities or assist with scheduling.
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