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Parking garage Cluster Zuid is closed: collect your bicycle before 1 May

15 April 2021

Due to the renovation of Cluster Zuid as part of the development of the Humanities Campus, the underground parking garage under Cluster Zuid will be closed as of 1 February. Now that almost everyone is at home due to the lockdown, the garage is only occasionally used for parking cars. However, there are still several bicycles parked there. These should also be collected as soon as possible.

Need help with the move?

Is it difficult for you to pick up your bike due to circumstances, for example because of the distance? Send an email to movingcoordinatorwsd@ufb.leidenuniv.nl. The UFB will contact you and make arrangements for moving your bicycle.

Parking your car after the lockdown

The renovation of Cluster Zuid will start later this year. The parking garage will be used for storage of materials during the renovation and will then also be taken care of afterwards. When the lockdown is lifted and we are allowed back on campus, there will be timely communication about the alternative parking locations Haagweg and Maliebaan. Parking location Maliebaan Noord will remain available for parking cars.

Cluster Noord opening hours

Monday to Friday - 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday - 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Do you have any questions about the garage closing? Please send an email to info@vastgoed.leidenuniv.nl

Read more about the renovation of Cluster Zuid and the Humanities Campus here.

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