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Start survey on skills humanities students on 8 February

21 January 2021

During their studies, students naturally acquire many skills in addition to specific substantive knowledge. But many students do not know exactly what skills they have been trained in and how they can use them after their studies. With more insight into their own skills, everyone increases their chances on the labour market.

That is why, on 8 February, every student (except first-year students) will receive an e-mail with a questionnaire. It contains questions about different skills and in which roles you are already strong. It is easy to fill in and it gives you some insight into your skills. Will you fill it in?

The answers to the questionnaire will be processed by KU Leuven. This is because we have entered into a three-year collaboration with KU Leuven, the University of Helsinki and employment agency Randstad Belgium. This project shows what skills humanities students have and through this project, online tools for lecturers and students are developed. This way, students gain more insight into the skills they already have and at the same time we can improve the education of the future.

Read more about the project here.

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