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We Need You for the Faculty Council!

20 January 2021

In May 2021, elections will be held for the Faculty Council: the most important advisory organ in our faculty. The Faculty Council represents all members of the Faculty community in policy decisions relating to matters as diverse as finances, regulations, and HRM. Moreover, it can advise the Faculty Board on any topic relevant for the daily functioning of the Faculty. The Council consist of six members: three staff members and three student members. All six seats on the Council are up for election. Interested? Here are some ins and outs.

Representing the Faculty community

A term on the Council lasts one academic year for student members, and two academic years for staff members. Students and staff members elect representatives separately. The parameters model records a work of 0,1 fte for membership of the Faculty Council.

Being a member of the Faculty Council requires a co-operative, critical, and diplomatic attitude. You will represent the Faculty community on diverse topics and engage in constructive dialogue with the Board and other advisory bodies within the University and Faculty on a wide range of topics. Membership of the Council is a great opportunity to be involved with the Faculty at the highest level, to hone skills in diplomacy, communication, and policy-making, or to provide a valuable contribution to our Faculty community.

Accessible for international faculty members

In previous years, Dutch language proficiency was a key requirement for membership of the Faculty Council, as the Council operates within Dutch legal frameworks. However, the current Faculty council has worked to improve accessibility for international faculty members over the past year

If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us for more information. We can provide you with more information about the activities and tasks of the Council.

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