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Workshop for PhDs: The Storyline of a Burnout

28 January 2021

What are the factors that make us more vulnerable and susceptible to an anxiety disorder or a burnout? How can we recognise the early signs of a burnout? What shall we do when we are in the midst of a burnout and increase the chances of recovering faster? LEO (Leids Promovendi Overleg) is organizing an online Mental Health Workshop on the topic of Burnout on 3 February 2021 from 10am until 3pm. Psychologist Vassia Sarantopoulou will give tips on: 

  • how to see the red flags of a burnout and prevent it as soon as possible
  • how to build healthy habits in order to protect your mental health
  • how to understand your negative thinking and how to reverse it
  • how to recognise your coping mechanisms and turn them from self-sabotaging to self-boosting
  • how to increase your healthy mindset and your work-life balance

We ask you to register by 29 January; you will then receive material from the psychologist and the workshop link.

More information and registration
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