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3 March: live webinar hosted by Ambassador Jean-Pierre Kempeneers (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

3 March 2021

Are you a master's student, PhD candidate, junior or mid-career professional and are you interested in working at an international organisation? Join our live webinar on 3 March: 13.00 - 15.00 hrs!

This event is hosted by Ambassador Jean-Pierre Kempeneers, National Coordinator International Positions - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. 

Topics that will be highlighted:

  • What are the organisations and how to find them
  • What type of positions they offer
  • Effect on the labour market at these organisations due to Covid-19
  • How to find a position as a junior
  • How to network if you do not yet know anyone at an organisation
  • Are there things in the CV or motivation letter a student has to focus on to have better chances at these kinds of organisations
  • What to do to stand out
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