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Brightspace Gradebook?! FLO helps out!

31 August 2021

We at the Future Learning Office, highly recommend using the Brightspace Gradebook for displaying and publishing the grades in an accessible and GDPR-proof way. However, setting up your Gradebook in Brightspace can be a difficult task. Especially if you have many components in your course for which students can receive a grade. The FLO can help you out!

By filling in this form, you indicate which assessment options or requirements your course contains. Based on this information, the FLO will set up the Gradebook on your Brightspace page.

In addition, the FLO also offers the possibility to discuss the created Gradebook step by step. This way you can also see how the Gradebook has been set up and you can find the right settings yourself in the future.

NBAll steps in the form are also the steps to be taken on Brightspace.

FLO is only responsible for setting up the Grade Item / Categories, not for setting up Assignments, submission and / or review settings, therefore we also will not attach the Grade Item to an Assignment, see here how to do this.

The Instructor is at all times responsible for the correct administration of the grades.

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