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Competition: guess your – fictional – colleague’s password

22 February 2021

Everyone who works for Leiden University works with data, personal or otherwise, that deserves proper protection. And everyone who works for Leiden University will, at some time or other, have received suspicious mails or seen other attempts by hackers to get their hands on this data. Strong passwords are the first step in keeping intruders out. 

Click on the link below to see the social media account of a fictional colleague. Use the information from this account to try and guess their password. You have two attempts. Guess right and you stand to win a small prize in our draw. We will send the prize to your whole team, so the more members of your team to take part, the greater your chances.

The competition is open until 8 March.

Tips for strong passwords

We have the following four tips for strong passwords:

  1. Make sure your passwords are not predictable. Do not use names, dates or slogans.
  2. Use long passwords if possible. 
  3. Use numbers, capitals and lowercase letters.
  4. Use a different password for each different account, and never share your passwords with others. 

To find out more about working online safely, follow the Security and Privacy e-learning modules. Almost 500 colleagues have done so already.

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