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Don’t forget to take your statutory leave from 2020 before 1 July

25 May 2021

Working from home can be difficult under the present circumstances. For many, maintaining a work-life balance can be hard. This makes it important to get some rest and relaxation. Taking time off is a good way to forget about your work for a while.

Take your statutory leave before 1 July 2021

If you still have statutory leave from 2020, make sure to take this before 1 July 2021; otherwise the leave will expire. Discuss this with your manager beforehand.

Overview of leave in Self Service

You will find an overview of your remaining leave in Self Service, under Leave -> Show time account: ‘Remaining statutory leave from 2020 (‘Wettelijk Restant 2020'). You don’t need to indicate which hours you wish to take: the system will automatically deduct the hours that expire first. Make sure that do actually take the leave once you’ve booked it.

You can request leave through the ‘SAP Self Service’ app in Remote Workspace.

Request leave
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