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Global Human Rights Defence: Rising cases of human rights violations in Pakistan

5 February 2021

The Global Human Rights Defence is an international Non-Governmental Organization based in The Hague. They focus on promoting and protection rights of minorities and marginalized groups globally and place emphasis on areas and populations where severe and extensive human rights violations of ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities take place. 

They would like to invite you to our latest event: Rising cases of human rights violations in Pakistan on the 6th of February. 

This event will address a myriad of human rights violations against minorities in Pakistan such as: blasphemy, abductions, forced conversions, forced marriage, discrimination, the flaws of the current electoral system, biased curriculums, violence and assassinations.

This event shall be led by the president of the Human Rights Focus Pakistan, Mr. Naveen Walter, who has been working as Human Rights Defender for over 25 years and belongs to a minority himself. Human Rights Focus Pakistan is a Non-Governmental Organization, established in 1994 and focuses on the enforcement of human rights violations of religious minorities, women and children.

The event itself shall be divided into a short lecture (30-45 minutes), followed by an open discussion round.

It is therefore that this event provides a great opportunity to learn more about the Human Rights situation in Pakistan, as well as a unique glimpse into the life of Mr. Walter as a Human Rights Defender.

The event will take place online at February 6th at 4:00 PM (Amsterdam time), for which you can register on the following website: https://www.ghrd.org/events/rising-cases-of-human-rights-violations-in-pakistan-by-naveed-walter-hrfp/.

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