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Lockdown extended: Remote teaching until 20 March

11 February 2021

The government has extended the lockdown in the Netherlands up to and including 2 March, which means that the measures implemented on 15 December will continue to be in effect. For the University this means the following: 

All the teaching will be online until 20 March. This is longer than the current lockdown period. This will provide clarity for both students and teachers for the rest of this block. The current exceptions for small-scale practical lessons and mentor and tutor meetings continue to apply.


The only exceptions are the small-scale practicals Field Techniques, the MSc specialisation courses, and incidental practicals of small-scale seminars. All BA1 tutorials will start online, except for the aforementioned Field Techniques. These small-scale practicals can still be face-to-face according to the guidelines of the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). 

For more details on the lockdown measures at the University, see the update from 15 December.

Field School 1 

Field School 1 will take place between the middle of May and the end of June in the municipality of Oss. We are currently working on developing this Field School in a Corona proof format, and the Field School will take place in adherence to strict protocols. All BA1 and BA2 students will be able to take part in this Field School. More communications on this will follow.

Do not travel until after March 

In line with the government advice, students and staff may not travel abroad until after March. In exceptional circumstances, the University may grant permission for travel that is essential for work or study. To request permission, follow the procedure for staff.

The extension of these measures is of course disappointing for both students and lecturers. All we can do is keep calm and carry on. Are you in need of some advice and support in these unusual times? Let us know.

We would like to thank everyone for their hard work. Stay safe!

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