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LUC The Hague: Corona Update - Vaccinations

3 February 2021

The Netherlands has started the vaccination program against Covid-19.

When do we expect our staff and students to be vaccinated? Is your Dutch GP aware of your situation?

Vaccination Schedule

The government has published a rough outline of the vaccination schedule, although this is subject to change depending on the availability of vaccines. The group of people between 18 and 60 years old will be vaccinated later this year, probably from mid-Q2 onwards until end of Q3, starting from old to young. This means that we don’t expect vaccinations for our students before October. Everyone with a valid residence permit will be able to get vaccinated in the Netherlands

Underlying Conditions or Medication

However, people who have underlying conditions or take medication that makes them specifically vulnerable to Covid-19 will be vaccinated earlier. Their vaccinations are planned already from mid-Q1 onwards. As a rule of thumb, anyone who in regular years would have been invited for the annual flu shot, possibly also qualifies for early Covid-19 vaccination. This includes people with chronic conditions of the lungs, heart, kidneys, those who suffer from diabetes, rheumatism, or who are immunocompromised or take immunosuppressant medications. We advise them to discuss their situation with their GP. If you don’t have a Dutch GP yet, please register with a practice. Students can do this for example at The Studentdoc.

Corona Information at LUC

This is a brief reminder of where to find all corona-related information for LUC and Leiden University, please check out the menu on the right.

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