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Check out the NSE response percentage for your faculty: want to raise it higher?

12 February 2021

In recent weeks, the students at your faculty  have been invited to fill in the National Student Survey (NSE). Their feedback will be used to improve study programmes and student facilities.   

We want to focus students’ attention on the NSE even more in the week of 15 February, and we are already doing this in a number of different ways. But teachers can also play a part, simply by showing this slide during their lectures.


National Student Survey-response faculties


By taking part in the NSE, students not only help improve their study programme, they are also supporting support corona research at the LUMC. For every completed survey, the universty is donating € 0.25 via the Leiden University Fund (LUF) to the LUMC’s crowdfunding campaign: #wakeuptocorona

NSE helps improve the quality of education

The quality of our study programmes is monitored continuously, by staff at the departments and faculties (internal quality assurance) but also by external experts (external quality assessment). The findings from these assessments help us make further improvements. Evaluations like the annual NSE are part of this system of continuous quality improvement.  

Want to know more about the NSE in general? You can find all the background information on the student website


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