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Send your research to the House of Representatives of the Netherlands

11 February 2021

If you have conducted research that could be relevant to a parliamentary committee, please send it in. 

What constitutes relevant research?

  • Topicality: the research relates to legislation or to topical themes that are of huge importance to society.
  • Deeper analysis: the research corresponds with the knowledge agenda of one or more parliamentary committees.
  • Agendasetting: the topic merits a place on the political agenda or on one of the knowledge agendas. This is because it relates to a development that does not yet appear to be on the radar but is of (potential) great importance to society.

How do you send it in?

  • Send your publication, preferably with a summary (or press release), to Hugo van Bergen, Parliament & Science liaison.
  • State which committee the research could be relevant to. This could be more than one; if so, state the most relevant committee first.

If you are unsure about whether your topic would be of interest, please contact Hugo van Bergen. If you have any questions or have ideas on how to improve this process, please contact us. 

Analysis and Research Service

The analysis and research department (DAO) of the House of Representatives provides parliamentary committees with knowledge and information. It therefore likes to be informed about scientific publications that could be relevant to the House‚Äôs work. 

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