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Tip: Signal, the safe alternative to WhatsApp

15 February 2021

Ever heard of Signal? Read more about this alternative to WhatsApp.

Signal versus WhatsApp

More of our staff are using WhatsApp for their work, which means, unfortunately, that we are giving this commercial organisation a glimpse at our business operations. We would therefore like to draw your attention to Signal, so you know there is a safe alternative to WhatsApp.

Signal uses encryption, doesn’t record any metadata and is open source. It only needs your ‘Device ID’ to work and records no metadata whatsoever. It is owned by the non-profit Signal Foundation


Many of our staff have been using WhatsApp privately for years as a fast way to send messages. WhatsApp messages are encrypted, but there are privacy concerns because WhatsApp records a lot of metadata, for instance about which people and businesses you message with. It also has access to your contacts and location. The main focus of WhatsApp’s owner, Facebook, is to gather as much information as possible about you and your network. 

Signal at the University

Although using WhatsApp (for private use) poses no immediate risk, the number of Signal users has increased dramatically in 2021, ever since WhatsApp announced it would be changing its terms and conditions. More people are using it within our university too. Why not join them?

Download Signal

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