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Tip: Use Office 365 instead of Remote Workplace when working from home

2 February 2021

If you find working online slow and laborious via Remote Workplace, you may find you can work in Office 365 (at home or in the office) instead and save your files to OneDrive.

For much of your everyday work, you won’t need to access the network through Remote Workplace (the Citrix environment) at all. You generally only need Remote Workplace for SAP and a number of specific applications. Office 365 is often a good alternative. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Office means you can work online, anytime and anywhere, together or alone. You can also use all the Office 365 apps online via the Office portal. If you have a University laptop or PC, the apps will already be installed. You can also install Office 365 on up to five personal devices.

Access to data

If you use Remote Workplace to access files on the P- or J-drive, try saving your files to OneDrive instead. With OneDrive, your files are available wherever you are, and you decide which ones you share with others. 

Ask the helpdesk to copy the contents of your P-drive to OneDrive.

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