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Join our Ommetje walking challenge today

1 March 2021

Now that we are at home a lot, it is nice to go outside to get some fresh air and stay active during the day. Join the Healthy University Let's Walk Week Ommetje challenge and compete with your colleagues by registering a 20-minute "Ommetje" (a short walk) daily in the Ommetje-app. The challenge will continue until 29 April, 23:59 hrs.

Why Ommetje?

Taking a walk every day is important for your health. You will be more productive and feel more energised after walking an Ommetje. It also helps you to slow down and improves your creativity. When you reach your Ommetje-goal, the dopamine level in your body rises and the increase of dopamine helps to promote positive feelings.

Sign up

  1. Download the Ommetje app in the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  2. Create an account with your ULCN e-mail.
  3. Fill in our unique company code: FTEWP.
  4. Choose your team. Please note: you can’t change this.
  5. Finish your registration.
  6. Take a Ommetje and challenge the rest of your colleagues to join the challenge!

How it works

We have created nine teams in the app. You can walk individually or against others in your team, but also as part of a team against other teams. This way you can walk together without having to be at the same location. In addition, you can achieve all kinds of medals and levels in the app.

Team name Units
Universiteit Leiden FSW Social and Behavioural Sciences
Universiteit Leiden FGW Humanities
Universiteit Leiden Archeologie Archaeology
Universiteit Leiden Rechten Law
Universiteit Leiden FGGA Governance and Global Affairs
Universiteit Leiden W&N Science
Universiteit Leiden BB Administration and Central Services department
Universiteit Leiden EC/SSC Administrative Shared Service Centre
ICT Shared Service Centre
Student and Educational Affairs
University Services Department
University Libraries Leiden
Real Estate
Health, Safety and Environment 
Universiteit Leiden Inter/HA

African Studies Centre
Honours Academy
Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON)
International Institute for Asian Studies

Winners announced on 30 April

The Healthy University Leiden team will look at both individual and/or team group scores. The top 3 individuals and the top 3 groups will be announced as the winners on 30 April. Both you and your colleagues stand the chance to win great prizes! Half way through the challenge, on 7 April, which is the World Health Day, you will see your standing against your other colleagues and/or teams.

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