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16 March: Working from Home Day

8 March 2021

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, almost all staff at the university have had to work at home. And on 16 March, ‘Working from Home Day’, we will have been doing that for a whole year.

It’s a milestone not everyone will be ‘celebrating’, but it is nonetheless a day to stop and take stock. How are you all doing? What are the pros and cons of long-term working from home for wellbeing and sustainability? And in what areas can we provide further support? These are the issues we want to focus on during the activities on 16 March, listed below:  

Activities 16 March

08.00-08.45 Sports lesson: Yoga (with Aurora de Leeuw)
10.00-10.20 Morning office work-out (with Kathelijne Mischner)
10.00-11.00 Online open advice session with Health & Safety and Environment coordinators
11.30-12-00 Learning @ Home (Dutch)
12.00-12.45 Staff Thinktank Lunch session: learn more and share your thoughts on making the university more sustainable
13.00-13.30 Learning @ Home (ENG)
13.00-14.00 Online open advice session with Health & Safety and Environment coordinators
17.00-17.45 Afternoon sports lesson: Zumba 
Available throughout the day Recording of webinar ‘Vitality first, including when working from home’
Available throughout the day Online workshop: make a twig and bulb wreath, with the Hortus
Available throughout the day DIY film: grow your own avocado at home, with the Hortus
Available throughout the day A Very Mindful Podcast with the Centre for Innovation

Sign up via the Healthy University theme page.


Staff vitality via Healthy University Leiden

For some people working at home is a boon, while others can’t wait to get back to the office. Until that’s possible, Healthy University Leiden is offering staff tips and advice via HU@Home-dossier for healthy work and study at home. Our aim is to keep colleagues fit, healthy and mobile by organising frequent activities.  

Working more sustainably at home

After a year of working and studying at home, we’re all too aware of the disadvantages: we miss the face-to-face contact with colleagues and the ad hoc meetings with colleagues and students. But working from home also has its advantages. We are travelling a lot less – to the office and for our work – which means the CO2 emissions from travel are much lower. What sustainability gains are we making by working more from home? How can we make your own workspaces greener? Do you want to think about sustainability at Leiden University? If so, sign up for our employee thinktank on 16 March!


A green home workspace with the Hortus

As a botanical garden, the Hortus uses its expertise to maintain the scientific plant collection and to protect threatened plant species. This year they are sharing the knowledge and skills of their experts with visitors and plant lovers via a magazine, an exhibition and online videos. On 16 March you can take part in two online workshops: how to make a twig and b bulb wreath, and grow your own avocado. 

Learning @ Home

Physical exercise is very important for our wellbeing, but so too is mental exercise. Staying mentally fit is just as important as a lunchtime walk. It helps keep you mentally resilient. And that’s something we all need right now! You can work on your personal and professional development from your own living room, working on such areas as Mental Innovation, Creative Thinking, Vitality and Energy, or the Coping with Stress programme. Take a look at our Learning @ Home sessions on 16 March for more information about our free online training courses that help you work on your personal development and mental resilience from your own home. 


Q & A session with Health and Safety and Environment coordinators

Do you want to avoid the arm, neck and/or shoulder complaints that can come from spending too long working at a computer? Is your workplace at home less than optimal, or are you starting to get problems? If so, get in touch with your Health & Safety and Environment coordinator. They can give you ergonomic advice and help with any facilities you may need. On the Working from Home Day you can also join an open advice session via MS Teams from 10:00-11:00 and from 13:00- 14:00. Sign up now

The Centre for Innovation

The Centre for Innovation, a think-and-do-tank at Leiden University, researches transformative trends in the digital world and creates innovative methods, products and solutions for Leiden University and partners. This also includes finding the right balance between digital technology and personal wellbeing. With a view to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Mindfulness Centre has also explored our digital world using different media, such as online courses and podcasts. Visit our theme page to learn more about working remotely, distance teaching and learning, and mindfulness and sustainability. 

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