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From 22 March: fire safety work at the A wing of the KOG

4 March 2021

Throughout spring and summer 2021 work will carried out on the sprinkler system at the A wing of the Kamerlingh Onnes Building. A number of areas in the building will not be accessible from week 12 up to and including week 30 (22 March to 30 July).

From week 12 up to and including week 19, work will be carried out on the ground floor. Please see the consequences of each phase below.


  • Entrance and walking route adjusted, tunnel erected at entrance
  • Reception still accessible
  • Service desk UFB moved to C0.29
  • Servicedesk ISSC – online availability only
  • Toilets at front of building closed
  • Copy & Printshop closed 1 day (date not yet know)


  • Classrooms A0 closed
  • Touchdown spaces closed (alternative being sought)
  • Study associations move temporarily to B0.44


  • A0 pantry closed temporarily
  • First aid/lactation room closed (a temporary first aid room will be available in case of emergency). This room is available in week 25. 

of course all current coronavirus measures will be respected at all times. Please see the overview of the work here.

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