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Keeping mentally active by working on your personal and professional development

1 March 2021

Physical activity is important for our wellbeing but so too is mental activity – through learning and development, for instance. We usually do this at work by sharing knowledge with colleagues and following courses. That may seem difficult at the moment because working from home can be a challenge. How can you approach this creatively? How do you stay focused if your manager calls, the dog jumps up at you and you have to console your daughter who has just tripped over? And then there’s that question for your colleague who normally sits next to you.

But keeping mentally active is just as important as a lunchtime walk. It helps improve your mental resilience, which is something we can all use at the moment! You can work on your personal and professional development from your own home. For instance, in the area of Mental Innovation, Creative Thinking, Vitality and Energy or Coping with Stress.

How? The university is offering free training from New Heroes. Log in with your ULCN account and get started!

If you’re a manager, you may be wondering how to help your team is move forward and keep active, even now. The Help your Team Members Excel training may be of help. You will learn how to introduce the subject of personal growth and development to your team, how to monitor and discuss their progress and how to keep them engaged, involved and motivated.

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