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LUC The Hague: Corona Update

25 March 2021

as many of you have seen, the Dutch government had a recent press conference about the corona measures. You can read the government message here.

Continuation of measures

The most important information for us: the current lockdown has been extended until at least 20 April, meaning teaching will continue online and working is from home as much as possible, exactly as we have been doing in the past months. All existing rules still apply; only the curfew has been shortened and will start on 22.00 o'clock as from 31 March 2021.

Options for hybrid teaching later in block 4?

In the press conference, it was indicated that if the numbers of infections and hospitalizations allow, higher education would be allowed to go back to the scenario we had in fall (limited/hybrid on-campus teaching), with the addition of the use of quick-tests to ensure that students and staff who come to campus are not infectious. This would start at the earliest from 26 April onwards (3rd week of block 4). Until then, we will continue to teach online and work from home. 

How exactly this on-campus teaching-with-testing will be organised is currently being discussed. As soon as we know more we will let you know what this will mean in practice for LUC's programme and opportunities for on-campus teaching. We do not expect to receive more information before the spring break. New information about block 4 will be shared via email, and via the newsletter. Please note that there is no newsletter during spring break. 

Leiden University Corona Information

Information from Leiden University is always communicated via the website, please go here for the latest updates. 

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