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News from the Faculty Council Archaeology

10 March 2021

Ongoing Discussions on Regulations

Last month the faculty board launched five new concept policy documents comprising of new faculty regulations, policy for appointment and promotion of staff, strategy for publications, policy for co-authorship, and fieldwork ethics. The Faculty Council is currently providing feedback on all of these documents. 

For the faculty regulations, our primary aim is to streamline the new roles of the departments and research groups in the organisation of the faculty. The document on appointment and promotion of staff enables us to provide feedback on such factors as the balance between research and education, diversity and inclusion, and career perspective for young researchers. Key for the document on publication strategy are further attention for facilitation of researchers and raising awareness of the available facilities for publication. Our focus for the document on co-authorship ethics is the protection of PhDs in publishing, as well as clarification of some guidelines. Last but not least, the council is discussing the responsibilities for post-fieldwork activities and housing in relation to fieldwork ethics. 

Change from Ba/Ma to Bsc/Msc

Earlier last month, the faculty board proposed to change the degree awarded at the end of the curriculum from an arts degree to a science degree. Reception of this proposition varied with some in favour of the change, others preferring a hybrid system, and pleas for a revision of the content of the curriculum prior to such a change. The FR has closely monitored the feedback from students, staff, and the OLC on this proposition. Following this, the OLC and the FR have stressed the need for substantive change in the curriculum prior to any change in the awarded degree, as well as the need to study a hybrid option in more detail. In response, the FB has decided to postpone the change, and take an additional year to explore the best way forward.

Hello, Goodbye

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Olivia Cashmere has had to give up her seat on the Faculty Council last month. We thank Olivia for her active participation on the FR during the last half year. Olivia was the driving force behind efforts to open up the council for international staff and students. She has also raised awareness for the well-being and study progress of (international) students during the Covid-19 pandemic. We wish Olivia the best of luck in these complicated times and hope to see her return at a later date.

Following University protocol, Kiki Koppers has taken up the vacant seat on the council from March 1st onward. Kiki’s portfolio will be compiled shortly; for the time being, the two topics in the portfolio of Olivia’s (research and MA education) will be dealt with by Erik Kroon and Simone Reurings, respectively.

Upcoming Survey Online Education Block 3

The Faculty Council conducted a survey among staff who taught courses in block 1 to evaluate work pressure, positive aspects, and challenges of online teaching. The outcomes of this survey helped to evaluate online education and steer for improvements in discussions with the faculty board. Following these discussions, we are curious as to your experiences with online teaching in block 3. Therefore, we will send out a new survey on this topic to teaching staff at the end of block 3.

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