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Resumption of NWO grant procedure

17 March 2021

NWO has announced that they will start-up again on the 22nd of March after their recent hack. As NWO has not been able to function during the hack this will have several repercussions for call deadlines and evaluation procedures.

  • Most calls with a deadline before the 27th of May will move five weeks into the future. One important exception to this rule is the Veni full proposal deadline, which will move to the 2nd of September.
  • Calls with a deadline after the 27th of May will keep to the original schedule, unless this creates conflicts with other rounds or evaluation procedures.

NWO will provide solutions on a case by case bases when researchers run into problems because of the shifts in deadlines and evaluations. NWO expects to be able to provide more details on how to contact them in the week of the 22nd of March.

The Grant Development team will most likely adapt the event schedule and postpone planned information meetings to match the new deadlines. Please contact grants@luris.nl if you have any questions about our events and information meetings.

More information

See NWO website for more information changes to running funding call procedures and a broad outline of the actions NWO will take to get up and running again.

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