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Veni update: Science and Health Research and Development return to original deadline (20 May)

29 March 2021

NWO has announced that for the Veni 2021 round the science domains will be split up. 

In short

  • ENW & ZonMw: deadline full proposal 20 May 2021
  • SGW & TTW: deadline full proposal 2 September 2021 (results pre-proposals beginning June 2021)

Update deadlines

For the domains Science (ENW) and Health Research and Development (ZonMw) NWO is reverting to the original planning from before the hack, meaning that the full proposal deadline will be 20 May 2021.

NWO has revised its planning to accelerate the procedures so that the results can be announced in December 2021 instead of April 2022. These domains were selected because Science has no pre-proposal phase and Health Research and Development was not affected by the hack in February.

The other two domains, Social Sciences and Humanties (SGW) and Applied and Engineering Sciences (TTW), were affected in the hack. Due to the hack all preparations will have to be carried out again. Consequently the result of the pre-proposal phase will not be available before the beginning of June. The full proposal deadline for these two domains is therefore delayed until 2 September 2021.

The 2022 round

The timeline for the Veni 2022 round will be announced by NWO as soon as possible (expected in May). More information can be found at NWO Hacked

Veni information sessions

Due to the changes in deadlines the Veni information sessions are rescheduled for 20 and 22 April.

We will have three separate sessions for which you can register: 

  • In the first session on 20 April, we will focus on how to write the best narrative CV and it includes the experiences of a successful grant holder. This session is aimed at the Science (NWO ENW) domain as those candidates were not involved in submitting a pre-proposal. Others are of course welcome to join if submitting to another domain. 
  • In the second session on 22 April, you will learn about writing a full proposal as well as the knowledge utilization section. You’ll also hear from speakers with experience, such as a panel member, and ask questions about the scheme. 
  • In the third session on 23 April, the Centre for Digital Scholarship will explain all about the data management section and there will be room for questions. 

You can register for one or more sessions depending on your domain and experience, via Veni information sessions. We look forward to seeing you there! 

More information

Please contact grants@luris.nl if you have any questions about our events or support.

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