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Cybersecurity: secure online meetings

26 April 2021

We have been working from home for over a year now, and have more online meetings than ever. This makes us vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. As you may have seen in the news over the past few months, several educational institutions have been attacked by hackers who wanted money or data. So be cyber alert, at home too. 

As an employee of Leiden University, you can take measures to protect privacy and make your online meetings secure. Here are three tips:

If you are discussing confidential information, check no one can eavesdrop on the conversation. Also make sure there is no information visible in the background that you do not wish to share. And if you are sharing your screen, check you are sharing the right information and have no windows with sensitive data open.

Leiden University has a number of services that you can use for secure video calls, including Kaltura and Teams. Think first before you use other services. It is difficult to find out which data unsupported applications collect and what they do with this. 

Hackers can spy through your laptop camera by installing a virus unnoticed. To be on the safe side, you can block your camera with a webcam cover when you are not using it. A good idea, particularly now we are working from home. 

More tips?

For more tips on safe remote working see the privacy and data protection page. If you’d like to find out more, you can also follow e-learning modules on security and privacy.

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