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Deadline for Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model: 30 April

19 April 2021

Individual Choices Model

Are you a member of the University Sports Centre or Fit for Free? Or are you following a degree programme or training? You can offset the fees against your gross salary via the Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model. This means you can, in part, put together your own package of terms and conditions. See the options.

If you want to use your holiday allowance as the monetary source for the Individual Choices Model, you must submit your application via Self Service by 30 April. 

If you want to use the (supplementary) kilometre allowance through the Individual Choices Model, don’t forget to first claim for the days you actually travelled through Self Service. The system uses this information to calculate the kilometre allowance via the Individual Choices Model. If you automatically receive your travel expenses (because you only work on campus) you will not need to claim for the days you actually travelled. 

Holiday allowance

You will receive your holiday allowance together with your salary on Friday 21 May 2021. If you start working at or leave the university part way through the year, your allowance will be pro rata. 

You can view and download your salary statement through Self Service. This also applies to your annual tax statement. If you do not have a university computer, you can log in to Self Service via Remote Workplace.

We do not send paper salary statements. To explain various terms and abbreviations, we have created a sample salary statement that also shows a number of variable elements from the Individual Choices Model.

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