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A year working from home: register for the training on ‘How to make working from home effective and enjoyable’

19 April 2021

Although we have now been working from home for over a year, doing so day in day out can still be a challenge. What is the most effective way to go about this? And how do you make sure that it is still enjoyable?

Interactive online training

The workshop ‘How to make working from home effective and enjoyable’ will help. Which challenges are you facing? What helps? And what changes could you make? In this interactive online training, you will be given practical tips and insights in the area of time management and self-management that are specifically tailored to the current situation.

Topics that will be covered 

  • Challenges of working from home
  • Dealing with – and experiences of – a new reality: attitude and control
  • Structuring your working day
  • Physical work environment
  • Organising resources
  • Stress and energy
  • Personal action plan

For the full programme see here  


The next workshops are on 20 May and 8 June. 


More information 

For more information, please contact HRM Learning & Development: HRMOpleidingen@BB.leidenuniv.nl or call: 071 527 3195.

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