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ISGA Research Support Team

5 May 2021

To help researchers with questions related to any facet of research the Institute has set-up a Research Support Team (RST). The Research Support Team aims at building up and strengthening research related expertise and support for academic staff in identifying, preparing and implementing Research Projects.

What do we do?

  • Maximize funding opportunities by identifying and promoting them;
  • Providing guidance on and submitting grant applications be it  for national, international, personal grants or consortia collaborations;
  • Coordinating the development and signing of legal agreements with LURIS contract office and the authorized signatory;
  • Coordinating the collaboration with projects’ PI on the projects deliverables, preparation and submission of progress and final reports;
  • Liaising with Projectcontrol to create SAP numbers and ensuring we meet the financial obligations of funding agreements;
  • Liaising with other central organized services on data management, data storage, grant advise, ethics, legal services on intellectual property issues etc.;
  • Support the outreach, dissemination and valorization of your project results.

The team

We are Astrid de Vries, Alisa Kerschbaum and Audrey Vrolijk and are there for you when you need answers or guidance. We see the role of research support to ease administrative burdens, freeing the researchers time to seek more answers through ground breaking research. We strive to work on creative solutions to support our researchers in their endeavours and to foster an environment that encourages excellence.
Contact us at research.support@fgga.leidenuniv.nl with your grant questions and proposal ideas. 

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