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Online lecture series: Plagues and Epidemics in Archaeology

10 May 2021

The osteology group will be hosting a no-credit (0 ects) lecture series entitled Plagues and Epidemics in Archaeology.  There will be four weeks (~10 lectures) of pre-recorded online lectures from our colleague Dr. Charlotte Primeau (University of York).  

You will find the videos in the Kaltura Channel.

 We’ll also host a Q&A at the end of May so that students can have a conversation with Dr. Primeau as well as Leiden based osteoarchaeologists Rachel Schats and Sarah Schrader.

About the course

Have you ever wondered about pandemics in the ancient past?  How can we use archaeology and human skeletal remains to know more about ancient diseases?  How did they spread?  How many people did they infect?  How did disease effect the daily life of those who survived?  

We will address these questions and more in Plagues and Epidemics in Archaeology. This short-course (no credit) is divided into four weeks of online pre-recorded lectures provided by Dr. Charlotte Primeau (University of York). Topics including, the Plague, How did diseases start?, and Diseases in skeletal and mummified remains, will be featured. There will also be a Q&A at the end of the lecture series where students will have the opportunity to chat with Dr. Primeau and faculty members in osteoarchaeology at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. 

Also see the course outline.

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