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News from the Faculty Council Archaeology

27 May 2021

Faculty Council Elections

The Faculty Council has six seats: three for staff members, and three for student members. Staff and students elect their representatives separately. 

This year three staff members have run for council membership: Tymon de Haas, Alexia Buurman, and Marie Kolbenstetter. Given that the number of candidates does not exceed the number of chairs, all candidates have been appointed to the Faculty Council and there have been no elections.

Four students ran for council membership, leading to students D.J. Put, J.W. Verhage, and M.E. Sassen to be elected.

Soon the new members of the Faculty Council of Archaeology will present themselves in an item on the website.


The evaluation of the Kwaliteitsafspraken will take place this academic year. The aim of the evaluation is to assess the efficacy of these expenditures over the past two years, and to determine targets for the upcoming years. The Faculty Council approves the expenditures, whereas the OLC safeguards  the quality of the expenditures. The evaluation procedure is slightly more complex this year as the University Board has proposed to redistribute the funds while retaining some for University-wide initiatives. The University Council is currently examining these propositions in a separate approval procedure. Pending the outcomes of this procedure, the Faculty can develop its own plans and submit these to the OLC and FR. More news to follow. 

Open Office Hour staff

The FR has held an open office hour for staff on April 1st. The open office hour is a returning event in which staff can ask questions about, or provide feedback on (ongoing affairs in) Faculty policy. Key topics in the Open Office Hour on April 1st were efforts to digitalise reference collections housed in the Faculty, as well as representation of support staff in the Faculty Council. We have discussed the digitalisation with the Faculty Board: new policies for central coordination of loans and digitalisation of collections are in development. We are also taking steps to regularly meet with support staff, and incorporate their feedback. 

Memo on new policy documents

Over the past few months, the FB has announced several new policies pertaining to the parameters model, the personal budgets, and the research groups. Various people from the Faculty Community have contacted the Council with feedback about these policies. We are currently preparing to present this feedback to the Faculty Board in the shape of a memo. In the meantime, we are open to all opinions and ideas on this subject.

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