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'Kick-off' transformation workplaces Faculty Office and CA-DS

10 May 2021

A four-storey scaffold on the bridge at the rear of the Pieter de la Court Building is the 'starting signal' for the transformation of the workplaces of the Faculty Office and the Institute CA-DS (as part of the Activity-Oriented Housing (AOH) project).

Meanwhile, partitions have been erected on the fourth floor and the partition walls between the offices are being torn down. The rooms on the third floor have been emptied by the colleagues, so that the reconstruction here can start on 1 June 2021.

About the project

Starting point of the project is a suitable workplace for every activity. Activity-Oriented Housing is necessary, because the available space in our buildings can and must be used more efficiently. The Institute CA-DS and the Faculty Office (except SOLO and OSC) are AGH pilots. Completion is planned for this autumn.

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