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USC organises study breaks in Wijnhaven

24 May 2021

Want to loosen up your neck and shoulders between studies or relax for a moment with some yoga? This is possible during the study breaks on Tuesday 25 and Thursday 27 May in the rooftop garden of Wijnhaven. The study breaks last a little less than half an hour and you can do it in your normal clothes. 

10:30 Study Break

11:00 A Beginners Guide to Yoga

15:00 Study Break

15:30 A Beginners Guide to Yoga

Study Break
A break to loosen up your neck, back and shoulders in particular, to boost blood flow and strengthen your muscles. It is concluded with a relaxation exercise. You do this in your regular clothes and it doesn't make you sweat. After half an hour you can return to your studies full of energy. 
Study Break: A Beginners Guide to Yoga
A break with an introduction to yoga. The teacher is going to give a in depth description of how poses are formed and held and the reason why, so is a great introduction to people that have never done yoga or a nice little bit extra for people that have done yoga but that they might not of understood before. Afterwards you feel relaxed and flexible and you have completely cleared your head. 

The study breaks are part of the Well Being activities that FGGA regularly organises for students and staff.


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