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Five-day Commemoration: Ancient Writing, Contemporary Voices: Decolonising the Mesoamerican Quincentenary

20 June 2021

This 5-day (Mo-Fr, 16:00-19:00) online event showcases an ongoing project in which a group of Indigenous archaeologists from different parts of Mesoamerica are using their own contemporary Indigenous languages, as well as their academic knowledge, to create new interpretations of pictorial manuscripts and glyphic inscriptions from the British Museum’s collection. Many of our own researchers will speak during the event. 

The project underlines the importance of including descendent communities in studies of their heritage as well as the need for decolonising museums through collaborative work.

The lectures will be in Indigenous languages, Spanish and English, in order to reach new audiences in Mexico and Central America and will also platform non-academic specialists to broaden appreciation for other knowledge systems.

Alongside academic talks, the event programme will comprise artistic representations such as film, theatre, fashion, and poetry.


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