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Apply for Company emergency response (BHV), location Wijnhaven

8 May 2023

We need emergence response officers at the location Wijnhaven!
Do you work at the Institute of Public Administration or at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs and would you also like to work as an emergency response officer? Please contact Henk Ellert.

Leiden University has an extensive company emergency response organization (BHV). An emergency response team member is an employee who, after completing training, provides assistance with minor incidents.

What is Emergency Response Officer (BHV)?

The University Emergency Response Officer ensures that injuries and damage to persons are limited. The main tasks of an ERO are:

  • Providing first aid in the event of accidents;
  • Limiting and fighting a starting fire;
  • Alerting and evacuating all persons present in the building in emergency situations;
  • Collaborate with other emergency services, such as the fire brigade and ambulance.

The emergency response team member has an outpost function for the fire brigade and other emergency services organizations. After an accident or fire, the emergency response officers act until the moment when professional assistance takes over these tasks.

Become a company emergency response worker

If you would like to work as an emergency response officer, you can follow a course through the university. This is voluntary but not without obligation. In order to retain the emergency response diploma, you must participate in internal emergency response exercises at least six times a year.

Emergency response fee

As an in-house emergency response worker you bear an extra responsibility in addition to the responsibility of your regular position. To meet this requirement, you will receive an annual gross reimbursement of € 320. In the following cases, you are also eligible for an additional reimbursement:

  • Are you a team leader in-house emergency response? Then you will receive an extra gross reimbursement of € 120 per year;
  • Have you been an in-house emergency response worker continuously for five years? Then you will receive an extra gross reimbursement of € 220.


In the event of a calamity, various 'flight flows' will be set in motion that must be managed in the right direction to prevent congestion. To support the emergency response team, special 'evacuators' are appointed who evacuate part of the building by sending employees / students outside through the emergency exit. This means that an evacuation vest and an evacuation card will be placed on the various floors. The area (spot) to be evacuated is colored in on the evacuation card. An evacuator is therefore not an emergency response officer but provides assistance to the emergency response team in evacuating the building. Because not every evacuator will always be present, several employees must be appointed as evacuators.

Interested? Apply now!

If you are interested in becoming an emergency response officer, please contact the emergency response coordinator Henk Ellert at your location.

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