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Cybersecurity: Are you privacy aware? Test your knowledge in the GDPR quiz!

28 June 2021

Whether you work in research, teaching or support, you’ll most probably deal with personal data. But do you know what personal data actually is and how to handle this with care? Test your knowledge in the GDPR quiz and you may even win a small prize! The quiz consists of 13 questions and will take around ten minutes to complete. Log in with your ULCN account, and choose ‘The Big GDPR Quiz’ from the list of modules.

Choose ‘log in with business account’. The modules work best in FireFox or Chrome. 


A prize for the winner

We’ll randomly select a winner from those with the highest score, and will give away a number of small prizes to the winner and their immediate colleagues. So make sure all your team takes the quiz because that will increase your chances of winning a prize!
Tip: a bit of prior knowledge won’t do any harm. Before taking the quiz, take a look at our webpage on personal data. This will increase your chances of getting a high score.

If you’ve taken the quiz and would like to find out more about cybersecurity and privacy, you can also take other modules via the button below. Already followed e-learning modules on the GDPR? You’re in luck: you can take them again if you like.

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