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15 June 2021

In the FLO podcast series we meet lecturers and employees of Leiden University. We will discuss the challenges, pitfalls and possibilities of online education.

In the past year, education has changed rapidly from predominantly physical to completely digital. This brought with it some challenges. The Future Learning Office of the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs found that many teachers and staff offered education in creative ways. That is why we started offering this podcast series. Several guests will share their experience and knowledge about the changes of the past year. What tips do they have? What works and what doesn't? In short, what are the 'best practices' in online education.

FLO cast 1: Online education challenge with educationalist Elselien van Tol (DUTCH)

In this episode Ashwin Lachan (FLO) talks with drs. Elselien van Tol, educational expert at the ICLON of Leiden University. She takes us through the tips and tricks to keep students motivated and enthusiastic during online classes. She also looks to the future. Which learning styles will last? And gives some insight into the didactic world of online education.

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