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Information for international staff about COVID vaccinations in the Netherlands

31 May 2021

We realize it is not always easy for international staff to stay informed about vaccinations in the Netherlands. Here is an easy guide for you:

Your situation

Establish what situation you are in:

  • I live in the Netherlands and I am registered in a municipality (owning or renting a house): you will get an invitation sent to your place of residence. After receiving the invitation, go to STEP 2 in the procedure (unless you are born between 1956 and 1960, in which case contact your local doctor). If you have not received an invitation, but believe your age bracket is currently being vaccinated, you can still go to STEP 1 and proceed from there.
  • I live in the Netherlands, but I am not officially registered at a municipality. I do have a Burger Service Nummer (BSN). Go to STEP 1 in the procedure.
  • I’m temporarily here in the Netherlands for less than four months, and I therefore do not have a Burger Service Nummer (BSN). Please register in the Non-Residents Records Database (RNI). Instructions can be found here. After registration, you will receive a BSN. Go to STEP 1 in the procedure.
  • I live abroad. You are not eligible to get a vaccine in the Netherlands, you should consult the vaccination program in your country of residence.


  • STEP 1: Find out whether you are eligible to make an appointment about getting vaccinated. 
    Check the website 'Government.nl'. Depending on the year you were born, it will tell you from what point in time you can request an appointment. If you are born between 1956 and 1960 however, you should contact your local doctor, because that person will vaccinate you (all others will be vaccinated at specific locations).

NOTE: it is being assumed here that you do not suffer any underlying conditions (these are elaborated on the same website). If you are suffering from such a condition, and have not received an invitation to get vaccinated, please contact your local doctor.

  • STEP 2: set up an appointment online if you received an invitation or if the previous site shows that you are in the age bracket that is currently being vaccinated. Use the this link (website will show up in Dutch, in the top right corner you can switch it to English).
    Press the start button at the bottom of the page to answer a number of questions. At the end, you can log in with your DigiD to prove your identity, and you can make an appointment this way.

NOTE: if you just arrived in the Netherlands, you may still need to set up a DigiD. This is absolutely necessary. Set up a DigiD using this website (also possible to request this if you are registered with the RNI).
Best of luck, stay healthy, and take care!

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