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Knowledge clips FGGA in collaboration with CFI studio

29 June 2021

Do you have a subject that you have to explain to your students time and again every year, semester or block and would you prefer to pour it into a timeless knowledge clip once and for all? Or would you like to introduce yourself or the course in a pleasant way at the start of the block and at the same time explain, for example, the learning objectives of the course? Look no further, here is the solution!*

The Future Learning Office (FLO) of the FGGA, in collaboration with the Center for Innovation (CFI), now offers the possibility to record one knowledge clip or an introduction + closing clip of high professional quality. There are no costs involved, but we do ask you as a teacher to prepare a number of things well. Below is an overview of the options and the preparations required:



Option A:

An educational knowledge clip of approximately 10 minutes in the form of a 'talking head' with slides and/or visuals in the background and/or foreground (example).

Option B:

An introduction clip and a closing clip of approximately 5 minutes. For example, in the intro clip you could introduce yourself, discuss the learning objectives/components of the course and provide practical information about how and where the lectures will take place. For example, in the closing clip you could look back at the learning objectives, summarize the main topics covered and look ahead to the final test.

Necessary preparations for you as a teacher:



In order to properly prepare the content of the clips and to make it easier to actually record them, it is necessary to write out a script. That way you stay with the content as much as possible and make it easier for yourself. During the recording, the script will be played on an autocue. You can download the template for the script here.


Powerpoint-presentatie and visuals:


If you also want to show bullet points, graphs or tables during the clips, it is important that you process them in a Powerpoint presentation based on a special template. We use this template to ensure that the visuals you want to use are in the right proportion to the camera image. You can download this template here.


To practice:


Via www.cueprompter.com you can run the script from your browser in an autocue. This way you can not only practice the content of the script, but also keep track of the time required for the entire script.


Time and physical presence:

The recordings of the clips will take place in time slots of 1.5 hours in the MOOC studio on the 5th floor of the Wijnhaven building.


Application form

Interested? Then fill in this application form!

What you get in return:

  • A global check/feedback on the script and visuals.
  • Technical support when recording the clip(s).
  • Edited clip(s) of high professional quality in the form of a 'talking head' in combination with slides in the background or foreground.
  • Delivery within 3 to 4 weeks after recording, including one feedback moment on the first version.

What we cannot supply:

  • Knowledge clips with a format other than 'talking head'.
  • Visuals with customization.
  • Livestreams of lectures/lectures (livestreaming from lecture halls remains possible of course).


For now we can offer this service once per teacher until the end of the calendar year 2021 due to the limited availability of capacity. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for a teacher to record multiple knowledge clips. If capacity and demand permit, the aim is to offer the recording of several knowledge clips per lecturer in the future.


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