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Let your knowledge flow through the city

14 June 2021

In 2022 Leiden will be the scientific capital of Europe for a year. The city will also be hosting the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), the biggest interdisciplinary science conference in Europe. And for the general public there will be the ‘Local Knowledge Flow’ project with its motto of ‘A little bit wiser every day’. The project focuses on all the neighbourhoods in Leiden, and for 365 days there will bea topic of the day in one of the 101 neighbourhoods in Leiden and the surrounding area.

Various activities will be organised relating to this topic of the day.
Many topics have already been put forward by Leiden scientists, and these are now being worked out. New ideas are still welcome. Perhaps you’d like to give a guest lecture, or organize an activity in your own neighbourhood?

The options are endless, and you’re free to choose which the type of activity – although we’d prefer it to be interactive. These are just a few examples of how the university is already contributing: Andrea Evers has chosen the topic of placebos, Joost Broekens will talk about robots. Jan Boersema will talk about Easter Island and Yasco Horsman has chosen the cartoon figure Willie Wortel (or Gyro Gearloose as he’s known in English).

Let your knowledge flow through the city and mail your idea to Lucien Geelhoed by 7 July.

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